Sustainability Policy

For a sustainable world;

  • We attach importance to the evaluation, resolution and feedback of suggestions and complaints from our guests.

  • In line with the understanding of sustainability, we conduct our trainings in order to raise awareness of our employees and contribute to their development, and ensure that they take an active role at every stage.

  • We comply with laws and regulations in all our activities.



  • We evaluate the environmental impact and dimension of our activities within the framework of legal regulations and work to minimize our impact.

  • We make evaluations at the purchasing stage to reduce our waste at its source.

  • We separate our wastes according to their groups and hazard classes in the most efficient way. We deliver our waste to licensed companies in accordance with its class.

  • We aim to reduce the amount of waste.

  • Waste segregation, zero waste etc. We provide trainings to our personnel on these issues and raise awareness of our guests by organizing events on these issues.

  • We carry out the necessary infrastructure works for the effective use of our natural resources and aim to reduce them by following them regularly.

  • We raise awareness about the conscious use of our natural resources by our guests and employees.



  • We contribute to the protection of nature by choosing the ones with “recycling” and “environmentally friendly” labels in the materials we buy at our hotel.

  • We contribute to the regional economy by supplying products/goods from local suppliers, and we aim to continuously increase the ratio of our local suppliers.



  • We inform our guests so that they can access the natural and cultural heritage, local products and services in our region.

  • We know that visitors coming for both touristic and working purposes contribute to regional development with their different cultures and that hospitality should be shown.

  • We support all our stakeholders in promoting the region’s food, activities, culture and traditions, (religious-cultural places, natural riches, etc.), train our staff, and inform our guests.



  • We carry out our activities by considering convenience for individuals with special needs (disabled, children, etc.) to access our products and services.

  • In our sustainability management system, we constantly monitor and measure our practices and targets and initiate, plan and finalize our corrective actions when necessary.

  • We care about accessibility, health and safety standards for all our guests, staff and visitors with special needs, physical sensitivities and difficulties, and we organize the environments where they spend their holidays or work in line with these standards.


We inform our stakeholders about all the issues we specify in our policies and ensure their involvement.

Üst Yönetim

Sustainability Report